November 24, 2014
Adaptive Equipment & Modification

Donors to the Muscular Dystrophy Family Fund are a unique group of individuals. They truly understand the value of living every day to the fullest. With their financial support, the MDFF is able to provide adaptive equipment and modification to clients in need. And, since medical insurance rarely covers all expenses, the need for MDFF's support is great.

The equipment used by a child or adult with muscular dystrophy can vary greatly depending on the type and severity of the disease. If you have needs for adaptive equipment or home/van modification, please read the MDFF Financial Assistance Application Guideline below and contact us to start the process.

You can print and download the MDFF Financial Assistance Package and HIPPA Note of Privacy Practice by clicking the below links.
If you have experienced some difficulties to download these document or have no printer to print, please contact us and we will either send you an email with attachment, fax them to you or mail you a hard copy.
NOTE: MDFF is an Indiana local agency that offers financial assistance to Indiana residents only.

MDFF Financial Assistance Application Guideline

Things you need to know before sending your application:
  1. To qualify for assistance from the MDFF, your application must accompany your request or be on file ahead of time. Once your application is on file, the information will be used for all requests you may submit in three years.
  2. ALL applicable resources (savings, donations, private insurance, Mediaid, Medicare, other social service organizations that offer financial assistance) must be used before and/or in conjunction with the MDFF funding.
  3. The MDFF may assists you in purchasing or paying for the following items, up to $1000 annually:

Wheelchairs (parts or whole), Orthopedic Equipment/Appliances, Communication Devices, Home Modification, Accessible Vehicle Modification (Not the vehicle, only modifications), and Other Prescribed Medical Necessity Equipment.

  1. It may take up to four weeks to review your complete application. So, plan ahead and apply early.
  2. Submission of an application for financial assistance in no way implies or guarantees the application will be approved. Each case will be reviewed and subject to be approved by the MDFF Advisory Committee.
  3. Factors such as household income, available personal savings or private donations, justification, and the nature of the request will be considered for approval. However, we encourage everyone to apply for assistance. If MDFF cannot assist with your request, we can recommend additional funding sources that might help pay part or the entire request.
  4. Once your application is approved, the MDFF staff will send you and the vendor a copy of the approval. The MDFF is merely the financial agent; payment will be made only to the vendor through direct billing.
  5. The MDFF clients are encouraged to help us stretching our budget by hosting or participating in fundraisers with the proceeds being donated to the MDFF. The MDFF appreciate you can PAY FORWARD to support our missions to help others.
  6. The MDFF is also happy to assist you to organize your own fundraiser(s) to help paying for the item(s) you request. 

The Muscular Dystrophy Family Fund provides service to children and adults regardless of races, ages, and genders.