2024 MDFF NCAA Bracket Tournament Third Place Winner

What made you chose the winning team? Are they your favorite?
I picked UCONN because they seemed unbeatable. I am a Purdue fan though. One of my children graduated from Purdue. 

Who is your favorite player? 
My favorite college men’s player this year was Zack Eddy. Caitlin Clark was my favorite women’s player.

What are some winning tips you have for others?
My tip to others is you have to pick some upsets to get in the money ?? I picked North Carolina State to make it to the Elite 8. 

What are some of your hobbies?
I have just recently retired. We bought a home in Southern Arizona for winter time. We have loved it here. We live on Eagle Creek Lake in Indy when not in Arizona. We love to boat, walk our dogs, exercise at fitness center, and attend Church. Our faith in Jesus Chris is the root of our life and happiness. I know that Jesus was a big part of Tim Doyle’s Life. He was a great guy. I hope to see him in Paradise. God Bless.

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