Financial Assistance

Thank you for reaching to the Muscular Dystrophy Family Foundation. We know that getting access to resources and financial assistance can be difficult. We want to make an impact on our clients lives as much as possible. 

We have three main ways of providing financial assistance. One is through our annual Accessible Van Giveaway application process. The application process for the 2024 cycle is open. Find more information by clicking here.

The second and primary way we help families affected by muscular dystrophy is through direct financial assistance for equipment and home modification needs. MDFF’s focus is on specific needs that raise your quality of life.  We want you to be able to live your best life possible. As much as we would like to fund something above and beyond specific needs, we are limited in financial resources. MDFF has assigned a specific committee, the Assistance Request Committee, to determine how to distribute the funding through mindfulness of the amount requested and the specific need identified by you.

The third way we provide financial assistance is through our AVA program for partial van assistance. Check that out here.

Please note, we will always need documentation for a denial of coverage by insurance or Waiver for all equipment requests prior to determination. Need assistance learning more about the Medicaid Waiver and accessing this financial resource? Call us at 317.615.9140, and we can get you connected to our Medicaid Waiver expert who will help you navigate the process. It is highly recommended you start the Medicaid Waiver process as soon as possible because it is a resource to help fund many of the equipment and modifications you will need now or in the future.

Below is a list of potential items MDFF may help cover if not covered by insurance or Waiver: 

  • Floor modifications 
  • Wheelchair adaptations 
  • Wheelchairs – manual or power 
  • Standers / seat elevators
  • Bathroom remodifications/needed updates 
  • Toilet lift 
  • Shower chair 
  • Ramps 
  • Hoyer lifts 
  • IndyGo Open Door Passes 
  • Emergency Rental Transportation 
  • Van conversion costs to be accessible
  • Other needed equipment items as determined on a case-by-case basis 

Below is a list of items that MDFF does not provide financial assistance for: 

  • A piece of equipment covered by insurance or waiver
  • Down payment on a home 
  • Hotel stays for hospital visits
  • Routine vehicle maintenance such as tires, oil, etc.
  • Yard fences 
  • Animal companion fees or services 
  • Bills (gas, utilities, and food) 

If you do need assistance on daily bills such as gas, utilities or food or travel to/from appointments please contact a social worker with your local clinic or hospital to assist in determining if there are options for temporary assistance in your area.  At many hospitals you can call the main line and ask for the social worker on call. 

Ready to Apply for Financial Assistance?

Thanks to our generous donors, we are able to fulfill many requests for financial assistance for muscular dystrophy patients; However, we reserve the right to decline any application or ask for additional information before making a final decision.

Fill out the financial assistance application form or call (317) 615-9140 to tell us more about yourself and how MDFF can help you. 

The applicant must be diagnosed with muscular dystrophy or a neuromuscular disease (see applicable diseases listed on the MDA website)

Accessible Van Giveaway Program

The Muscular Dystrophy Family Foundation regularly awards wheelchair-accessible vans to families needing reliable transportation.

Learn About the Van Giveaway Program

2020 Accessible Van Giveaway Winners

“I lost my job after falling into a display case and I was losing strength daily because my muscles were weakening. My wife, who has fibromyalgia, was struggling to help me. Getting the toilet lift from MDFF has made a huge difference and given me the feeling of independence and freedom again.”

The Dudley Family

JD, Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy Patient
MDFF Bathroom Toilet Lift Recipient

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