Learn more about Joshua, in his own words, from his scholarship application essays:

I am writing to apply for The Andrew "Sparky" Seever Scholarship, with a heart full of determination and an unwavering passion for music. My name is Joshua Jong, and I am an upcoming high school freshman from Indiana, diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. Since discovering the enchanting world of music and picking up the viola, my dreams have revolved around honing my musical talents to their fullest potential.

Education has always been a cornerstone in my life, and music is my chosen path to pursue that education. The viola has become my faithful companion, allowing me to express emotions and communicate stories through its melodious voice. I have worked diligently to develop my skills, and my dedication has yielded promising results, encouraging me to aim higher and reach new heights in my musical journey.

Receiving the MDFF scholarship would mean more to me than words can convey. It signifies not only financial support for my education but also the affirmation that my dreams are worth pursuing despite the challenges presented by my muscular dystrophy. Andrew "Sparky" Seever's legacy serves as an inspiration, emphasizing the importance of education for everyone, regardless of their circumstances. To have the chance to carry forward his aspirations, through the support of MDFF, would be an immense honor.

This scholarship will significantly contribute to improving my quality of life in numerous ways. Firstly, it would alleviate the financial burden on my family, allowing them to focus on supporting me emotionally and physically, rather than worrying about education expenses. Secondly, it will provide me with the resources to access specialized training, workshops, and masterclasses that will enhance my musical abilities.

Pursuing my dreams in music, though invigorating, will not be without its challenges. As an individual with muscular dystrophy, I must confront physical limitations that may hinder my performance and practice routine. However, I believe that with perseverance and a strong support network, I can overcome these obstacles. I have already faced adversity head-on and have found ways to adapt and thrive in various aspects of my life.

In addition to the physical challenges, the competitive nature of the music industry presents a unique obstacle. Yet, I view these challenges as opportunities for growth, resilience, and self-discovery. With the MDFF scholarship backing my journey, I will be better equipped to face these challenges and continue pushing the boundaries of my musicality.

To sum up, being granted the Andrew "Sparky" Seever Scholarship would be an incredible turning point in my life, empowering me to pursue my passion for music and fulfilling my educational aspirations. I wholeheartedly thank the MDFF and the Seever family for providing this remarkable opportunity. Together, we can ensure that Andrew's legacy lives on, inspiring individuals like me to persevere and achieve greatness in the face of adversity.

Once again, I express my deepest gratitude for considering my application. Your support would be invaluable in shaping my future and allowing me to contribute to the world through the power of music.

MDFF is proud to help Joshua on his musical journey through being awarded an Andrew "Sparky" Seever Scholarship!

Click here to watch a video of Joshua brightening the world with his music. 

More about the scholarship:

The scholarship is named after the late Andrew "Sparky" Seever, a former MDFF board member and Ball State alumni. Education was very important to Andrew and he aspired to make it accessible for everyone. MDFF mirrors those values so it was our honor to help his family create a scholarship in his name and help Andrew's legacy live on.