A Butterfly Breaks Down Barriers

Kamaria turned 7 in 2020. She is a social butterfly who is so sassy but also faultlessly polite. She loves school, fashion, music, all things Disney, and the color pink. There are no limits to what this little girl can achieve with her spunk and positive attitude!

Her mom, Candace, quit her long-time job shortly after Kamaria’s diagnosis, so she could be there for her daughter. The help that she got from others as she accepted her new normal with Kamaria inspired her to set her career goals on giving back to the community as others gave to her. She now works with the Department of Child Services, helping mothers care for their children and also cares for the elderly in her community.

What this van will mean for the family:

Mom, Candace, is excited about the van because it will allow her to transport Kamaria’s power chair and remove a lot of physical barriers for both Mom and daughter. She also loves that Kamaria will now sit high enough to have a clear view out the windows. She just wants her to “get to do everything she wants in life” and now there is no holding her back!

Always the fashionista, when Kamaria found out she was getting this van, she picked out a rainbow “van dress” for the celebration (of course!). Here are the top spots she wants to go in her new van:

  • Riley appointments
  • The local park
  • Colts cheerleading camp
  • Barbie exhibit at the Children’s Museum
  • Disney!!