Two Teens Drive Toward Their Futures

DaMarri and Dairrean Parker are teenage twins from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Their family was ecstatic to be the recipients of MDFF's Accessible Van Giveaway.

DaMarri is very affectionate and quieter while Dairrean is outspoken and likes to tell it like it is. He is an avid gamer and especially enjoys NBA2K on his Playstation 4.

Both are huge sports fans but, like many brothers, disagree on their favorite teams. During football season, DaMarri can be found cheering for the Bears, while Dairrean roots for the Seahawks. DaMarri’s favorite basketball player is Paul George, while Dairrean is more of a Golden State Warriors fan.

The twins are on the verge of graduation and, since both have ears for music, they are setting their sights on careers in the music business. DaMarri loves to sing and aspires to be a rapper and Dairrean hopes to be his brother’s producer. We’re just hoping they remember us when they’re famous!

Latoya, their mom, describes herself as a single mother of 4 just doing her best to make her children happy.

“We are so excited for the van because it will allow us to be able to travel as a family and take longer family trips.” Mom is also hopeful that the ease and comfort of getting out of the house in the new ride will allow the twins’ increased social possibilities.

The family regularly makes the 3 ½ hour trip from Ft. Wayne to Cincinnati, OH for medical appointments for the twins. Mom says it will be a huge relief to travel safely and comfortably to get this necessary care. DaMarri and Dairrean are looking forward to a removable front seat in the van which will finally allow them to alternate riding in the front passenger position.

We know this is a family that is going places, and we are so proud to help get them there!