MDFF was able to give Christine and her Mom, Debbi, an accessible vehicle. Debbi is primary caregiver for her daughter who lives with muscular dystrophy.

Hear from Christine's Mom, Debbi, in her own words:

I will never forget the shock of hearing the words that we had been selected as the recipient of the van give away from MDFF. One thing you know is that there are other families who want and need the van just as much as you want and need the van. When I applied in January 2023, I placed it in God's hands and tried my best to not think that we even had a chance because of the hurt you feel when something you hope for so much doesn't happen. 

I know many who read that do not know my daughter's or our family story, but suffice it to say that she has been though some terrible things, and we are continuing to pray that the Lord will continue to bring her through what she has to endure. 

Now, I will tell other families to try and not stop trying because it might just be your time!

A funny story about that call... or at least it's funny to me now. I had gotten an email I think telling me to expect a call on that day and a time frame for the call. As it happened, when the call came in the first time I was in a real pickle and said can you please call me back in about 15 minutes or so. The power had gone out and a repair man was here to fix the generator. I was trying to get my daughter out of bed because she has an air mattress and it was rapidly deflating and she was stuck in an awkward position. Luckily, the repair man came in and helped me out. Although, I did not know what the outcome of the call was to be, later I thought here they are calling to me we are going to receive a van and I had told them to call me back later!

Hearing those words, I just couldn't believe it, I had not let myself believe during the year that we had a chance, that it could be a possibility so it takes a minute to register, did I hear that right? All I could say was thank you, thank you, thank you and Praise God! I couldn't stop say it or crying because it is something you just can't imagine would ever happen to you. 

Receiving this van is an incredible gift. I had so much trouble with our other van and I was having to drive to Indianapolis every day and it was in the middle of winter so now it gives me a peace of mind that I can get where we need without finding myself on the side of the road.

My daughter was having to sit sideways in the back and it made her dizzy to look out so she did not enjoy being transported. Now we call her the passenger princess because she is able to sit up in front with me and look out. I got a sticker for the passenger side that says " Princess on board, please allow access for my carriage!"   Also, for me, the Q lock system is a game changer. Wow, it truly helps out this old lady's back!!!

We are hopeful to be able to take some small trips this summer, for now at least around Indiana.

I would encourage other families to get involved with MDFF because of the great work that you do bringing families together and providing opportunities to meet other families and being a support system.

I want to give a great big thank you to all the donors who so generously gave to make this possible and to know that they have made big dreams come true. May God bless each of them abundantly for having a heart to see a need and working to making the change for the better in others lives.