2021 Andrew "Sparky" Seever Scholarship Winner

Learn more about Aayush and his vision to change the world.

  • Year: 2021
  • Who: Aayush Patel
  • Need: Scholarship
  • Gift: $2,000 Andrew "Sparky" Seever Scholarship Winner
  • Program: MDFF Scholarship

In the photo, Aayush is with his parents and John and Fran Seever, who started the scholarship fund in memory of their son. 

Aayush received glowing recommendation letters when he applied for the MDFF Andrew “Sparky” Seever Scholarship. He has been described as the best student in class, has a lightning-fast mind, an insatiable curiosity with how the world works, incredibly well-read, unimpeachable academic prowess, remarkable creativity, and a bottomless well of passion for learning.

Finishing high school this spring 2022, Aayush is still deciding on which college to attend. He is looking at Purdue, Indiana University, Ball State, and more. Any university will be very fortunate to have Aayush as their student. His drive and ambition to help make the world a better place is leading him to look at aeronautical engineering as his major.

Aayush’s dream is to design efficient and affordable aircraft for less than $20,000.

“The benefits of these personal aircraft are that they can alleviate congestion in our cities, which results in massive carbon release into the atmosphere, and does not even get people to where they need in time. To make the aircraft efficient, and thus lowering carbon emission, I would design the plane so that it runs on hydrogen cells, so enough energy is produced for aviation locomotion.”

Aayush is not only a mathematics and science whiz, but he also enjoys drawing, writing, playing chess, reading, and designing models for buildings and roads. He participates in extracurricular school activities such as academic bowl, spelling bees, and "we the people" government class competition state level. He has already written a full-length novel that is ready for publication.

We look forward to watching Aayush on his journey to better the world and create the machines of tomorrow. We need innovators like Aayush who dream of a brighter future, utilizing technology in ways to move us forward.


More about the scholarship:

The scholarship is named after the late Andrew "Sparky" Seever, a former MDFF board member and Ball State alumni. Education was very important to Andrew and he aspired to make it accessible for everyone. MDFF mirrors those values so it was our honor to help his family create a scholarship in his name and help Andrew's legacy live on.