It was a chilly January afternoon when MDFF staff, board members, and some donors gathered at Superior Van & Mobility for our second 2021 accessible van giveaway. COVID may have delayed this van giveaway for a bit, but it was finally happening. While the ‘socially distanced’ boxed lunches were delicious and the MDFF swag bags were nothing short of awesome, the real stars of the day were Maddox O’Connor and his family.

Maddox is an energetic ten-year-old who loves baseball and has his own homeless ministry (more on this below). He does not let Mitochondrial Myopathy stop him from living his best life. He has accomplished more at his age than many people do in their lifetime – he is truly an inspiration. Maddox is someone who has ‘seized the day!’

Having the accessible van allows more freedom and independence for Maddox and his family. Their old van could not always accommodate bringing Maddox’s wheelchair with them. Because of his muscular dystrophy, Maddox needs his chair more and more. It warmed everyone’s heart when we saw Maddox cross the red carpet and easily maneuver into his new van. Our eyes swelled with tears when Maddox’s Mom, Shawn, thanked everyone for their new van. Her telling us their story of struggle and need was incredible. Shawn’s dedication and devotion to her family shows that she does not allow their circumstances to define them. Their family believes that through Christ all things are possible, and that Christ brought the O’Connor’s to MDFF.

The O’Connor’s new van is giving Maddox even more time to devote to his ministry. Maddox’s Mission helps the homeless by providing much-needed food and care packages – called Blessing Bags. Maddox once said that his ministry was so important because he knows what it’s like living in a world he didn’t ask to live in. Everyone just needs someone to love them. Maddox’s goal for 2022 is 4000 people served.

Want to learn more about Maddox’s Mission and help him with his goal? Follow him on Facebook.

Some awesome stats on Maddox’s Mission:

  • 2020 Blessing Bags provided by Maddox O'Connor to the homeless:  2,500
  • 2021 Blessing Bags provided by Maddox O'Connor to the homeless:  3,000
  • Each Blessing Bag also contains a handwritten note from Maddox expressing his heart for the recipient and their situation.



MDFF is so glad to have worked with the O’Connor family as one of our 2021 accessible van recipients. They are truly a deserving family. We hope to give away two more vans this year, 2022. Watch for our application process to open in March.