2023 MDFF NCAA Bracket Tournament First Place Winner

Dave First Place NCAA Tournament Winner 2023

What made you chose the winning team? Are they your favorite?
I chose UCONN because of their record during the past ten games and the fact they played in a good conference.

Who is your favorite player?
Besides being my favorite player, Trace Jackson Davis should have been the player of the year.  I may be a little biased being an IU alum.

What are some winning tips you have for others?
I usually look to see what conference the team is associated with and their record of the last ten games.

What are some of your hobbies?
My hobbies include fishing, visiting our state parks, going to antique shops and collecting postal and letter carrier memorabilia, especially old letter carrier convention delegate badges with my oldest from 1892 when it was held in Indianapolis.

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