2023 MDFF NCAA Bracket Tournament Third Place Winner

2023 NCAA Second Place Winner Archi

(Tip: read all answers in the voice of a doggie :)

What made you chose the winning team? Are they your favorite?
I chose UConn because their mascot is The Huskies (see below for my picking strategy). They are not my favorite team, but I'm really glad they won. Mommy and Daddy really like IU, but I'm not sure why. The Hoosiers seem really inconsistent. My parents were REALLY happy when Purdue got beat in the first round. That was a fun night. 

Who is your favorite player?
I love everybody - all the players are my favorite!

What are some strategy tips you have for others?
I made all of my picks based on the team mascots. My strategy is as follows:

  • Animate objects beat inanimate objects
  • Animals beat all other animate objects
  • Furry animals beat all other animals
  • Dogs beat all other furry animals
  • Big dogs beat small dogs
  • Whenever the mascots are similar (cougar vs wildcat) I pick the higher seed with a preference for the Big Ten. The Big Ten didn't do too well in the tournament this year, so I won't show them any preference next year.

What are some of your hobbies?
I love to play tug-of-war and fetch, eat leaves and other goodies in the yard, and sit in the sunroom and look out the windows. 

How will you spend your winnings?
I can't wait to spend my winnings. Here is the wishlist I gave Mommy:

  • A new puppy so that I have someone to play with 
  • A new bed (I like to chew them up and wrestle with them)
  • New toys 
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