David Thyen

David Thyen

Vice President

With MDFF since 2021

Investment and Planning Strategist, Midwest Wealth Management, Inc.

David helps manage investment and finances and serves on the Finance, Fundraising and Administration Committee.

David Thyen

More About David

Before coming to MDFF, David aspired to start his own nonprofit that would help families coping with disabilities pay for equipment. In his mind it was simply not fair for anyone to suffer for lack of access to adaptive equipment and he wanted to change this one family at a time.

After hearing about MDFF from a friend, he knew it was a perfect fit and opted to join forces to help with our mission to support the daily needs of our families.

David was diagnosed with Charcot–Marie–Tooth at the age of 15 and has lived in a wheelchair for many years. This first-hand experience, along with his financial expertise, and his passion for helping others make him an invaluable asset to the team.

David grew up in Jasper, Indiana and is a Xavier University alumnus. He loves travel and has especially fond memories of time spent in Colorado. He is an avid sports fan, with Xavier basketball topping his favorites to watch. David also enjoys culinary adventures to new restaurants and recharging outdoors with friends and family.

"It is not fair for anyone to suffer because they lack access to equipment. I want to change this one family at a time."