Jim Badger

Jim Badger

Board Member

With MDFF since 2016

VP Senior Marketing Officer with State Bank; Owner, Badger Strategic Marketing

Jim supports the organization’s marketing efforts to support awareness, fundraising, and event participation. 

Jim Badger

More About Jim

Jim is constantly inspired by the families he encounters through MDFF. They drive him to work hard to support their goals and independence and are a reminder to him of how lucky he and his family are. 

He has learned from those with Muscular Dystrophy how important it is to live life with a positive attitude. 

Jim looks forward to personal growth in his role and helping the organization to continue to grow and serve more people. 

In his spare time, he can be found enhancing the landscape of his yard. He finds enjoyment in the flowers and greenery and loves watching things grow and blossom.

Jim also loves firing up the grill with his family.

“I learn from so many of those with MD that it’s all about your attitude.  They are some of the most positive people I know.”