Justin Rumer

Justin Rumer

Board Member

With MDFF since 2020

Senior Tax Manager, Dauby O'Connor & Zaleski, LLC

Justin advises the team based on his experience in law and public accounting.

Justin Rumer

More About Justin

Justin was originally inspired to serve by the shared passion and concern of the team. He finds it powerful to be a part of like-minded service and is driven by the stories of improved quality of life for so many individuals and their families. 

The dedication and support shown by families and the resilience of so many individuals with MD keep him inspired every day. 

Justin is married and has four sons. 

In his free time, you might find him in front of a grill or smoker, crafting some delicious meat and sharing a drink with friends and family. He also enjoys growing hot peppers, melons, tomatoes, and pumpkins with his boys. 

For a quiet experience, he likes immersing himself in fiction. Stephen King and George RR Martin are current favorite authors.  

“The perseverance and resilience of every patient combined with the dedication and support of their families and friends keep me wanting to serve MDFF.”