Omar Rosas

Omar Rosas

Board Treasurer

More About Omar

Omar was an intern at DOZ when he heard about MDFF through MDFF President, Tim Doyle. Omar has been volunteering at MDFF since the 2017 Holiday Party. Inspired by people who help others, Omar believes that the best use of time is spent by improving oneself and lending a helping hand.

Omar works in the Low-Income Housing and Tax Credit industry alongside investors to help fund the development of low-income housing projects.

Originally from Las Vegas, Omar moved to Indianapolis seven years ago. In his free time, Omar enjoys camping, mountain biking, gardening, reading, helping others, and backpacking. About twice a year, Omar takes a 7-day backpacking trip into a remote area of the US with no phone signal, a limited supply of food, and needing to find his own source of water.

If that isn’t cool enough, Omar and his wife handle, show, train, foster, and rescue dogs.

“If everyone would spend the time to help those who ask or need it, the society we'd live in would be unrecognizable from what we know today.”