Smoothing Scott's Bumpy Road

A Little Bit About The Joniecs and their Connection to MD:

This family had undergone some massive life changes in just a few short years and were looking for some guidance and support. The changes began with the exciting adoption of their two beautiful daughters.

Shortly after this, while in his forties, Scott found himself tripping and struggling with stairs. Within a few years, this led to Scott’s diagnosis of Inclusion Body Miositis. The couple dove head-first into research about IBM and decided they would need to sell their house to move into a more accessible one. Scott also had to leave his long-time job, due in large part to decreased typing ability.

In the period of just a few years, the Joniecs went from a couple with two incomes to a family of four with a single income; a serious diagnosis; the accompanying medical appointments and bills; a new home; and a series of accommodations to figure out how to finance. The changes were daunting, to say the least. That’s why we were so thrilled that the Joniecs reached out to us, so we could help!

How Your Donations Allowed Us to Help the Joniecs:

According to Scott, once connected with MDFF, it only took one phone call and a 30-minute application, and he obtained a toilet lift within 60 days. This was an immediate relief and a huge boost to his independence.

MDFF also began addressing Scott’s future needs at this time. A full bathroom renovation would be necessary so Scott could shower and use the restroom independently and safely, long term. The Joniecs were able to plan this out with little stress, and work on their own timeline, with plenty of expertise and financial assistance to obtain this goal.

Building the Joniecs’ Resources and Morale:

In the meantime, the family came to their first annual MDFF Christmas party and gained a network of resources and support from other families. Scott told us that the gifts provided by MDFF for he and his family meant the world to him, especially after all the other help they’d received during a very difficult time.

We were thrilled to be able to use the generous donations of our supporters to ease the burden on this amazing family and help set Scott up for daily independence for years to come!