From Jazarria's Mom, Patina, in her own words:

When we first found out that we were a recipient of the MDFF 2022 Van Giveaway we were at home with all of our children and our sister and mom were there as well!   We were all extremely excited and overjoyed to be chosen and most of all very grateful! After we got off the phone with Tim Doyle (MDFF President and friend of the family) we all immediately praised God and shouted Hallelujah!  

Having the transit means family outings together with no one left behind and not having to wait on others to go places because we need a bigger vehicle. It means that we can explore and have fun and go on impromptu adventures as a family!

We recently went to the movies all together to see Super Mario. We also have plans to go to Kentucky to see the replica of Noah's Ark and to visit an amusement park in Ohio. We have a list of summer things to do and see! Jazarria loves anything that is reptiled. She is fascinated by animals and loves adventure. 

It may take some time but filling out an application is so worth it. MDFF has been so amazing to our family and the support they have given us is incomparable. If you need help PLEASE reach out for assistance and tell everyone you know who may also know someone who has muscular dystrophy/atrophy. Help is here, we just have to spread the word!

Thank you, the Winston's hearts are full and we all are very grateful to have been chosen. This has been a life changing experience and we will always tell everyone we know of this amazing organization and how they help to changes the lives of the Winston family and so many other families as well!

Patience is always the key to any life circumstances you are going through. If you keep going, keep pushing, keep applying, keep trying and don't give up you will find light at the end of your trials and troubles. We are not always answered in the way we want to be answered but help always come if we endure and never give up! 


MDFF is so glad that we were able to give the Winston family a much needed accessible van this year. We worked with Superior Van & Mobility for finding the van and getting it customized for the family.